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Why Every Dog Mom Deserves a Maid Service

As every dog parent knows, dogs are one of the happiest – and messiest additions to our families. They bring us great joy and they can make a great mess as well. Dog moms and dads have a special set of issues when it comes to keeping their homes clean. We must think about pet hair, stains, accidents, and footprints. Did we mention the pet hair? The thing about all of these issues is that if you don’t keep on top of them, they can become a real issue that piles up in your home.

Take something off your plate

Life is busy and being a dog parent makes it even busier. You want to spend your time playing with your pet and not just cleaning up after them. Hiring a maid service lets you worry more about the fun and less about the mess. Being a dog parent is a huge responsibility and hiring a maid service will help with some of that responsibility.

Keep allergens out of your home

Vacuuming regularly is crucial for everyone, but especially so when you have a pet. Vacuuming helps eliminate the pet dander, allergens, bacteria and other things that we can’t see. This helps to keep your home as a healthy environment for every member of the family.

How often should you clean your home when you have pets?

When you have pets, you should have your home cleaned at least monthly, but preferably bi-weekly. Monthly is best if you plan to do a lot of cleaning yourself between visits. Otherwise, bi-weekly or even weekly is the best option. This way, all of the pet hair and other mess does not get too far out of hand. Although you share your home with your beloved pets, you still want it to be a comfortable place for everyone in the family to live. Removing pet odors, messes, and stains are important to the health of your home.

Consider using a pet-friendly cleaning service

Consider using a pet friendly cleaning service like Valet Maids.

Valet Maids is a pet friendly cleaning service located in Dallas, TX. Our professional Dog Moms at Elle McCall highly recommend Valet Maids because they give you your time back for the things that you enjoy (like spending quality time with your fur babies). You can easily book online at or by calling 214-438-4804.


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